Lionfish Eliminators Kill 275 in One Day – Pensacola Florida – May 2017

On May 2nd 2017 Roger J. Muller, Jr. World Lionfish Hunter dove with Captain Andy Ross of Niuhi Dive Charters in Pensacola, Florida. Roger flew down from NJ, where he works for Muller Insurance in Hoboken, to dive with the worlds most Lionfish kills, Alex Fogg, but the weather did not cooperate. Finding a one day window Captain Andy texted Roger who was getting ready to return to NJ from a New Orleans airport. Roger & his wife drove back to FL, went to MTB Divers for tank and weights and met Captain Andy and crew 7 am for a trek 40 miles off shore to hunt Lionfish.

During the day the crew speared Lionfish on tanks, pyramids, chicken coups, boats and other structures removing the predator that is killing the underwater environment. The day concluded with about 275 Lionfish being removed from Florida and consumed later by some happy World Lionfish Tournament attendees who were lucky to taste and experience the wonderfully tasting white meat of the Lionfish was speared all day.

My dive partner Marc did about 13 dives on a little over 3 tanks and I was lucky to be with him on about 7 dives bounce dives that average about 125 feet deep. Divemaster Marc was an amazing diver and can be seen bolting to the depths in this video.

I did not have the honor to dive with Captain Andy Ross the owner of Niuhi Divers, but I witnessed him going in the water with a giant spear gun and spear and coming up with tons.

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