Joanne Figaroa Teaches About Invasive Lionfish in Aruba.

Joanne Figaroa, a passionate science teacher at an elementary school in Aruba, recently presented a fascinating lesson to her students about the invasive lionfish. Utilizing engaging materials and expert insights, Joanne aimed to educate her young learners on the ecological impact of this predatory fish on the underwater environment.

To captivate her students, Joanne showcased a compelling video titled “What is a Lionfish and How it Affects the Underwater Environment” by International Lionfish Hunter Roger J. Muller. The video can be found here: Joanne explained why lionfish harm the marine ecosystem, emphasizing their rapid reproduction rate and voracious appetite, which threaten native fish populations and coral reefs.

The presentation was a hit among the students, who were thrilled to learn from an expert. They were so impressed by Roger J. Muller’s efforts and knowledge that they created a thank-you video for him here, expressing their gratitude and excitement.

Roger Muller has made educational resources accessible to the people of Aruba by creating a lionfish video in Papiamento, available here, as well as in English and Dutch

The excitement in the classroom reached new heights when the students learned that Roger Muller plans to release a cartoon book about lionfish later this year. This upcoming book promises to be another fantastic educational tool for children.

During his annual January vacations in Aruba, Roger dedicates significant time to collaborating with local lionfish control and awareness groups. His efforts include working with organizations like Aruba Reef Care, Castro Perez, Bryon Boekhoudt, Minister of Nature and the Environment, Ursell Arends, Aruba Lionfish Alliance, Anita and Erik Nijhuis, Aruba National Underwater Park, Pure Dive of Aruba, Aruba Fly & Dive, and numerous individual scuba divers and dive shops.

Joanne Figaroa’s initiative to bring this important environmental issue into her classroom, coupled with Roger Muller’s expertise and dedication, has inspired a new generation of environmentally conscious students in Aruba.

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