Keepin’ It Real Restaurant in Dominica Cooks Lionfish to Help Save the Ocean

Roger J. Muller Jr.: The Lionfish Hunter’s Adventure Toucari, Dominica

On March 28th, Roger J. Muller Jr., an international lionfish hunter from Hoboken, New Jersey, embarked on another thrilling underwater adventure in Dominica. This time, he teamed up with Virginie and Remy Granger, the owners of Cabrits Dive Center, a renowned diving establishment known for its commitment to marine conservation and exceptional diving experiences.

Virginie, equipped with her underwater camera, captured Roger’s every move as he skillfully speared lionfish. By the end of the dive, Roger had successfully speared an impressive 51 lionfish, significantly contributing to the control of this invasive species and helping to protect delicate marine ecosystems.

Cabrits Dive Center, located near the picturesque Cabrits National Park, offers a variety of diving experiences, from exploring vibrant coral reefs to encountering diverse marine life. With a focus on sustainability and conservation, Virginie and Remy Granger have built a reputation for their dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Dominica’s underwater world.

After a successful day of lionfish hunting, Roger took some of his catch to Keepin’ It Real Restaurant, a popular eatery known for its fresh, locally sourced seafood. The restaurant is owned by a dedicated local entrepreneur whose commitment to quality and sustainability has made it a favorite among locals and tourists. Roger did a nice interview with the restaurant owner Derrick and helpers Noren and Del. Derrick has been serving Lionfish since 2012.

Roger and his wife Andrea enjoyed a delicious lionfish dinner at Keeping It Real Restaurant that evening. Del, who works behind the bar and also serves as a waiter, warmly welcomed them. Del’s friendly demeanor and excellent service made the evening even more memorable.

It was a perfect end to a productive day, blending conservation efforts with the enjoyment of local cuisine and camaraderie. Roger’s dedication to lionfish hunting continues to positively impact the environment, and his adventures in Dominica highlight the importance of community and collaboration in these efforts.

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