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Lionfish Hunting to Save the Coral Reefs

  • Roger holding a lionfish on a dive boat in Dominica

Lionfish Hunting with Cabrits Dive Center

Roger Muller dove in Dominica where he removed over 300 invasive lionfish, setting records for single-dive kills in Dominica. In this video, Roger dives with Cabrits Dive Center.

  • Lionfish Hunting in Dominica

Lionfish Hunting in Dominica

Roger Muller recently dove in Dominica, where he removed over 300 invasive lionfish, setting records for single-dive kills in Dominica.

  • 30 places to hunt lionfish

30 Best Places to Hunt Lionfish

There are many amazing places in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean where divers can go to hunt lionfish and help protect the environment!

  • Lionfish Hunting Cancun Mexico

Lionfish Hunting Cancun Mexico

Roger dove with Aqua World in Cancun and found a bunch of Lionfish! One of the Lionfish was 17 inches, which is really large for Lionfish.

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Lionfish Hunting Articles of Interest

Angler got an up-close look at a ‘monster’ lionfish. By spearing it, he set a record
Vautrinot’s fish was officially measured  and came in at 18.19 inches and became the new Florida state record for longest lionfish caught in the Gulf.

Hawaiian Sling – How to Build Your Own Holster
As a Divemaster I tend to carry a lot of excess gear during a dive, so adding a Hawaiian Sling to my kit wasn’t high on my priority list.

Lionfish Stings
Lionfish are fascinating and beautiful creatures, but they can cause serious injuries as well as environmental problems outside their normal range.

Why I Chose to Try Lionfish Hunting
The invasive lionfish is no match for this first-timer.

Underwater Lionfish Hunting with a Glock Handgun
Florida hunters don’t just stay on land during hunting season. Some of them take to the water, and now they can take their Glock with them.

Lionfish Hunter, Road Warrior
Lad Akins has taken the lead on combating the spread of the invasive lionfish.

Lionfish Tournaments: Safety Tips
Lionfish tournaments and collection derbies have risen in popularity in an attempt to manage the growing populations of the invasive species.

How to start lionfish hunting
So you’ve read about lionfish, you understand what a problem they are, and lionfish hunting sounds like a lot of fun but how do you  start lionfish hunting?

Effectiveness of removals of the invasive lionfish: how many dives are needed to deplete a reef?
Human interventions, in the form of culling activities, are becoming common to reduce their numbers and mitigate the negative effects associated with the invasion

Ongoing removals of invasive lionfish in Honduras and their effect on native Caribbean prey fishes
The invasion of Indo-Pacific lionfish is one of the most pressing concerns in the context of coral reef conservation throughout the Caribbean.

How to Get Rid of Lionfish
“Catching a lionfish is like picking up trash on the side of the highway,” says Rachel Bowman, a commercial fisherwoman in Florida who is known as the lionfish huntress.

The First Step to Getting Rid of Invasive Lionfish? Listen Closely …
They can be awful pretty, but there are very few circumstances under which a lionfish is a welcome sight on a coral reef.

Florida Contest Will Haul in 13,000 Invasive Lionfish
About 13,000 lionfish will be caught in Florida waters when an annual state contest to remove the invasive species wraps up.

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