One of a Kind Lionfish Jewelry and Items

Lionfish Predators

By Sara Newton

Lionfish Predators makes pens, keychains and necklaces from lionfish fins the remove primarily in Pensacola and Destin Florida.

Find Lionfish Predators on their website.

Lionfish Predators lionfish jewelry and items

Lionfish Huntress

By Christine Raininger

Christine is a sustainable and nature-based reef fish conservationist; creating sustainable wearables and sharing the story of marine invasion behind them.

Find Lionfish Huntress on Instagram and Etsy.

Lionfish Huntress lionfish jewelry

Lionfish Caribbean

By Lisette Keus

Lionfish Caribbean is a sustainable and environmental-aware organization. They catch Lionfish, serve the fish and make amazing natural colored jewelry of the fins.

Find Lionfish Caribbean on their website.

Lionfish Caribbean lionfish jewelry


By Susan Heiter

Susan creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, tie clips, tie tacks, money clips, belt buckles, key chains, hair clips, magnets, pins/brooches, rings, Christmas ornaments, wine bottle stoppers, wine glass charms, and bookmarkers from the tail fin of the lionfish.

Find Lionfintastic on Facebook and Etsy.

Lionfintastic lionfish jewelry
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