Lionfish Videos

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Lionfish Videos

  • Donkeys in Aruba

Around Aruba

Get a glimpse of the culture around the island of Aruba and the many activities you can do while there.

  • Roger cleaning a lionfish

Lionfish Cleaning

Lionfish can be dangerous to handle before cooking. Proper safety tools should be used including needle or spine proof gloves and long scissors.

  • Lionfish Preparation

Lionfish Cooking

Lionfish is a bit firmer than Mahi Mahi and has wonderful tasting lean white meat that is delicious, with no oily or fishy taste at all.

  • Lionfish on a spear

Lionfish Hunting Aruba

Roger J. Muller, Jr. is helping Aruba and the environment control this invasive species and save the coral reef systems. 

  • Lionfish hunting cayman islands

Lionfish Hunting Bonaire

Spearfishing has been banned on Bonaire since 1971, but the invasive lionfish can be hunted by residents and only with a special spear and permit. All other spearfishing is prohibited in the Bonaire National Marine Park.

  • Lionfish spearing

Lionfish Hunting Cuba

The Cuban waters are overrun by the invasive lionfish. Tons of smaller fish have disappeared over the past few years.

  • Dive Shop Interview with Roger J. Muller, Jr

Lionfish Hunting Dive Shop Interviews

Many dive shops do not allow lionfish hunting on their boats since many people do not understand the devastating effects the lionfish have on the coral reefs.

Lionfish Hunting Dominica

Roger Muller recently dove in Dominica where he removed over 300 invasive lionfish, setting records for single-dive kills in Dominica.

  • Lionfish going in ZooKeeper

Lionfish Hunting Florida

Because Lionfish are so devastating, it is unlikely that the population of these predators will be kept in check by natural means in the future.

  • Lionfish hunting in Jamaica

Lionfish Hunting Jamaica

Lionfish populations are reaching a critical level. Did you know each spawn can produce up to 2 million eggs a year? That’s a lot of babies!

  • Lionfish Hunting Mexico

Lionfish Hunting Mexico

Roger dove with instructor Hector Marin Ballesteros and was treated to two incredible hunting dives. I recommend Lionfish hunting with Aqua World if you are in Mexico.

  • Lionfish hunting Panama

Lionfish Hunting Panama

Lionfish are not from this part of the world, and have no natural predators. They also reproduce out of control. 

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