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Lionfish Person of the Week

  • Charles Painter with flag

Charles Painter

Charles Painter is a Divemaster and Poseidon Rebreather Diver and works at the Shark Quest Dive Shop in Gulf Breeze Florida.

  • James Alicea holding a lionfish

James Alicea

James Alicea is working with fishing cooperatives in other countries to establish a commercial lionfish industry, as well as helping equip divers in remote locations in South America and the Caribbean.

  • Laura Sudarsky holding a lionfish

Laura Sudarsky

Laura Sudarsky is free diving in the Bahamas to remove as many lionfish as possible. She is also teaching the reef sharks to eat the lionfish.

  • Perry Megens and Roger J. Muller, Jr. holding flag and lionfish

Perry Megens

Perry Megens is a PADI Dive Master for Aruba Fly n' Dive. He helps customers getting ready to dive and takes them on tours underwater. He is an excellent lionfish hunter and always has his spear with him on dives, ready to spear any lionfish he sees.

  • Christine Raininger and friend holding flag

Christine Raininger

Christine SCUBA dives off Palm Beach or Martin counties hunting for lionfish maxing out at probably 100 ft with her Stuart SCUBA buddies or in the intracoastal waterway near inlets or under docks freediving with her small pole spear and lion-inn (where the lionfish check in but they don’t check out). She also creates lionfish jewelry.

  • Ron Bell holding a large lionfish

Ron Bell

Ron Bell is a lionfish hunter in Aruba and helping to eradicate this highly invasive species from our beautiful coral reefs. Kill 'em and Eat 'em!

  • Lukas Moorhead with lionfish catch of the day and

Lukas Moorhead

A lionfish hunter who has removed over 3000 lionfish. During the past five years, Lukas has loved helping the underwater environment in Aruba by spearing lionfish! Lukas is an ALFI Reef Ranger, ALFI Certification Instructor and soon to be a PADI Dive Instructor. He currently is a PADI Divemaster for Aruba Fly & Dive.

  • Sherrie Wagner holding a lionfish

Sherrie Wagner

Sherrie is a Veteran, Master Captain, PADI Master Scuba diver that is diving year round off Pensacola, Destin and Panama City, to help eradicate invasive lionfish.

  • Richard Reysack holding a lionfish

Richard Reysack

Richard Reysack is helping eradicate lionfish from our coastal waters. In the last lionfish tournament his team removed 234 lionfish from the area!

  • Canicio van der Biezen holding a lionfish

Canicio van der Biezen

Canicio has been diving for more then 20 years and has many PADI specialties. He has been active in a special commission for nature, where he is nearly the only voice for the Aruban waters. 

  • Fabio Buitrago holding lionfish

Fabio Buitrago

Fabio Buitrago has spent the last 3o years working for the conservation of natural resources and has seen our resources diminishing quickly.

  • Patrick van Brakel and Roger J.Muller, Jr. with their lionfish catch of the day

Patrick van Brakel

Patrick has built the Lionfish Snack Aruba dedicated to lionfish food. He hunts during the week with local foundations, Caribbean Lionfish Alliance, and Aruba Reef Care. He is also in the process of building 9 deep water traps designed by Dr. Steve Gittings.

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