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Lionfish Person of the Week

  • John McCain scuba diving

John McCain

John is a member of the Florida Man Lionfishing team. They took 1st place in the Emerald Coast Open for Lionfish in 2020 and 2021. He is also an instructor for Narked Scuba in Florida.

  • Patricia Mauldin hunting lionfish

Patricia Mauldin

Patricia's commitment and one of the many goals of the ZooKeeper team is to continue supporting conservation projects, scientific studies, and promoting the assault on Lionfish, which has such a devastating effect on our ecosystem and marine life.

  • Tim Robinson lionfish hunting

Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson is managing partner of ZooKeeper. The future of Lionfish ends with ZooKeeper! He wishes to educate the world on how ZooKeeper can help divers safely control the Lionfish invasion and have a safer way to contain smaller debris collected on dives.

  • Scott Berry

Scott Berry

Scott Berry is partner of Scuba Adventures, which introduces men and women of all ages and races to the joys of underwater exploration and encourages them to dive, travel, and explore the globe each and every year.

  • Tom Vyles holding a lionfish

Tom Vyles

Tom Vyles is part of the Ocean strike team for Scuba Adventures Plano and has a personal best of over 60 lionfish kills in one day.

  • Armando Abreu from X DIVE MX holding flag underwater

Armando Abreu

Armando is helping promote and share the importance of taking care of the environment and being guardians of our seas.

  • Irv Miller holding a lionfish

Irv Miller

Chef Miller led the charge to eradicate invasive lionfish from Pensacola waters, by acquiring a wholesale saltwater license to purchase the fish whole from 'diver to door' and processing in house, serving the fish whenever weather permits and divers take the plunge.

  • Andres Hernandez Meza holding a lionfish

Andres Hernandez Meza

Andres is working on a mission to control the lionfish invasion in Costa Rica while improving the coral reef conditions.

  • José Ugalde holding a lionfish

José Ugalde

José Ugalde is heading a mission to control the lionfish invasion in Costa Rica while improving the living conditions of fishermen and protecting the Caribbean reef system and giving species a chance to recover.

  • Sara Newton hunting lionfish

Sara Newton

Sara started the website in 2021 to help educate and spread awareness about this invasive species. She also makes jewelry and accessories out of the lionfish fins.

  • Michaela Allenby holding a lionfish

Michaela Allenby

Michaela Allenby caught the first and biggest lionfish when diving with the Columbian Navy team. She also works at keeping the beaches clean in San Andreas Island, Columbia.

  • Charles Painter with flag

Charles Painter

Charles Painter is a Divemaster and Poseidon Rebreather Diver and works at the Shark Quest Dive Shop in Gulf Breeze Florida.

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