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Lionfish Person of the Week

Dr. Steve Gittings

I'm working with a variety of people to develop a viable lionfish trap that captures lionfish almost exclusively, doesn't ghost-fish if it is lost, doesn't damage the bottom, and minimizes the risk of entanglement of other wildlife like turtles and marine mammals.

Taylor Muller

Taylor Muller helps our underwater environments and dive community by removing lionfish from environments they do not belong. My quest is to aid in the effort to eradicate lionfish from our waters while also assisting in ocean clean up, coral reef education, and conservation.

Abigail Vrolijk

Pioneer of Lionator Reef Protectors and a Reef Conservation Partner, Abigail is working in Aruba towards the conservation of our sea and sea creatures. She is also working in the early stages of Lionfish Patraol.

Phil Karp

Phil Karp is an independent Citizen Scientist and Ocean Advocate, formerly with the World Bank.  He focuses on the interface between marine ecosystem conservation and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

Martha Watkins Gilkes

Martha's quest is to do all possible to aid in the protection of the marine environment in the waters of Antigua West Indies. She is planning a major International Lionfish Derby that is now planned for June 2021 in Antigua.

Captain Tony Young

Owner of Forever Young Charter Company, Captain Tony has an ongoing effort of removing invasive Lionfish. Each year we eradicate thousands of Lionfish with visitors from all over the world.

Carol D Cox

Carol is the Financial Officer and Volunteer Research Diver for Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association. She spends summers doing volunteer work surveying the condition of the artificial reefs to learn which designs are most beneficial to the marine habitat.

Gabriel Lopez Dupuis

Co-founder of Clear This Fish Foundation. We've been teaching regular divers to do lionfish hunting expeditions and between dives we teach them how to manipulate the fish and taste some of our catches at the moment in delicious Sashimi.

Dr. Aylin Ulman

Dr. Aylin Ulman is currently working on understanding pufferfish and lionfish invasions in the Mediterranean Sea. Marine invasions are super interesting to study, because the species are continually adapting, so it gives us a chance to understand many changes in a short time.

Christy and Ryan Johnson

Christy and Ryan are co-owners of Nudi Wear. They do monthly beach and ocean cleanups on Oahu and surrounding islands. They have removed over 5000 lbs of debris from the oceans and beaches of Hawaii this year so far.

Lisette Keus

Lionfish Hunter helping to fight the lionfish invasion in Curacao since 2009. Lisette teaches lionfish hunting, sells the fish, makes lionfish jewelry, and organizes lionfish events.

Garth Mckay

Educates others on the importance of getting rid of the Lionfish fish and through training them to teach, hunt and spear them in Negril, Jamaica.

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