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Lionfish Person of the Week

  • Jesus/Coco Maduro with speared lionfish underwater

Jesus/Coco Maduro

Jesus/Coco is co-owner of Aruba Bob Snorkeling & Scuba in Aruba and is helping educate & spread awareness of the beautiful marine life in Aruba.

  • Baye Beauford scuba diving

Baye Beauford

Baye is currently working on his dreamboat, a Parker pilothouse, to reoutfit as a dive boat. Continuing to work to introduce divers to the importance of controlling lionfish populations in the Northeast Florida area.

  • Justin Williams in Aruba holding Lionfish University flag

Justin Williams

Justin was Divemaster in Aruba and helped Roger track and kill lionfish. He was a spotter and photographer on the dives as well.

  • Jamie Doeren holding lionfish on a spear

Jamie Doeren

Jamie Doeren's latest obsession is scuba and lionfish hunting. He got his divemaster at 53 years of age and is working on his Captains license.

  • Alfredo Marin holding bucket of lionfish

Alfredo Marin

Alfredo is part of a spearfishing group in Panama promoting and teaching the eradication and consumption of lionfish.

  • Lauren Brooks hunting lionfish

Lauren Brooks

Lauren is learning to dive and becoming a Master Diver in her 50s and she also loves hunting lionfish.

  • Wessley Merten tagging Mahi

Wessley Merten

Wessley is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of marine fisheries and ocean habitats and the coastal communities they support.

  • Carly Bond hunting lionfish

Carly Bond

Carly is a passionate scuba diver who continues to be amazed by our beautiful reefs. She started lionfish hunting about 3 years ago and has made it a mission to help engage and educate more divers about the growing problem.

  • Ryan Hawks with his lionfish catch of the day

Ryan Hawks

Ryan enjoys teaching the community lionfish awareness and how to support their efforts to protect our reefs and fisheries from the lionfish invasion.

  • Kami Hawks scuba diving

Kami Hawks

Kami is making a powerful impact in protecting our precious oceans through lionfish hunting and education.

  • Robert Renfrow holding a lionfish

Robert Renfrow

Robert is educating as many people as he can on the importance of our underwater environment and the biodiversity that requires it to remain healthy to survive, thus giving humanity a better chance at survival.

  • James Troughton lionfish hunting

James Troughton

James is educating students, local residents, and tourist visitors about the invasive impact of lionfish by leading them through dissections to discover their venomous risk, gaping mouth capable of consuming prey up to half of their body length and discovering what prey species lionfish are predating upon.

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