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Lionfish Person of the Week

  • Kami Hawks scuba diving

Kami Hawks

Kami is making a powerful impact in protecting our precious oceans through lionfish hunting and education.

  • Robert Renfrow holding a lionfish

Robert Renfrow

Robert is educating as many people as he can on the importance of our underwater environment and the biodiversity that requires it to remain healthy to survive, thus giving humanity a better chance at survival.

  • James Troughton lionfish hunting

James Troughton

James is educating students, local residents, and tourist visitors about the invasive impact of lionfish by leading them through dissections to discover their venomous risk, gaping mouth capable of consuming prey up to half of their body length and discovering what prey species lionfish are predating upon.

  • Julie Philbert holding tray of lionfish

Julie Philbert

Julie is educating the masses about lionfish through entertaining social media content. She is also working to expose the general public to the invasive nature of lionfish and provide information to divers interested in assisting with eradication efforts.

  • David Skinner lionfish hunting

David Skinner

David Skinner is a US Marine Corps Vet and SSI Master Diver/SCR/CCR Diver that loves to travel to hunt lionfish.

  • Dick de Bruin and Roger Muller, Jr.

Dick de Bruin

Dick de Bruin has been developing his underwater photography and filming skills to visualize the lionfish problem for anyone who is not yet convinced that all life on the coral reef is seriously threatened by the lionfish.

  • Jean-Marc Claes

Jean-Marc Claes

Jean-Marc Claes travels by sailyacht and scuba dives the world, he is looking at the relations between sharks and lionfish, old and new. They take guests onboard, teach them and let them participate in all adventures they undertake.

  • Willie Caal lionfish hunting

Willie Caal

Willie is passionate about the ocean and made a decision to help protect what he loves. Willie is ReefCI’s general manger, science coordinator, marine biologist, and PADI Dive Instructor in Placencia Belize.

  • Viktor Popov holding lionfish

Viktor Popov

Viktor organizes trips to Alaska, Florida Keys and the Bahamas. He makes unforgettable memories for his customers, who later become friends. While scuba diving their goal is to clean up the reef from garbage, plastics and Lionfish.

  • John McCain scuba diving

John McCain

John is a member of the Florida Man Lionfishing team. They took 1st place in the Emerald Coast Open for Lionfish in 2020 and 2021. He is also an instructor for Narked Scuba in Florida.

  • Patricia Mauldin hunting lionfish

Patricia Mauldin

Patricia's commitment and one of the many goals of the ZooKeeper team is to continue supporting conservation projects, scientific studies, and promoting the assault on Lionfish, which has such a devastating effect on our ecosystem and marine life.

  • Tim Robinson lionfish hunting

Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson is managing partner of ZooKeeper. The future of Lionfish ends with ZooKeeper! He wishes to educate the world on how ZooKeeper can help divers safely control the Lionfish invasion and have a safer way to contain smaller debris collected on dives.

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