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Lionfish Person of the Week

  • Mark Primo Miller holding lionfish

Mark Primo Miller

Captain Mark Primo Miller is currently doing ongoing Rig/Wreck Diving in the North Gulf of Mexico and also holds First Place Largest Lionfish at the Pensacola Classic Lionfish Tournament on October 6, 2019.

  • Houston George holding lionfish

Houston George

I mostly dive and hunt lionfish out of Pensacola Florida. We have won or placed in multiple lionfish tournaments over the last few years and will continue to do our part to slow the invasion of Lionfish on every dive.

  • Adam Wise hunting lionfish

Adam Wise

Adam Wise is an instructor/divemaster with Niuhi Dive Charters and is working on becoming a USCG certified Captain and getting his yacht broker license.

  • Ed Egan holding a lionfish

Ed Egan

Ed Egan is one of the founding members of the Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation. Starting about 5 years ago, we began to formulate and implement a LionFish Management Plan for Aruba. Since then the "idea" has become a reality and we have effectively raised awareness of the threat that this invasive species poses to Aruba's fragile reefs.

  • Kelsey M. Muller holding a lionfish

Kelsey Muller

Kelsey Muller is helping the marine environment by removing invasive lionfish before they cause devastating damage.

  • Shad Ferguson holding lionfish catch of the day

Shad Ferguson

During his time in Barbados, while working at the American Embassy, Shad hunted lionfish to help teach the locals about this invasive fish. In turn, the locals taught him a lot more than he was able to research on his own.

  • Sully Sandchez lionfish hunting

Sully Sandchez

Sully Sandchez is a Dive Master for Taino Divers in Puerto Rico and always takes advantage of opportunities to slay lionfish.

  • Rafael A. Flores Jr. with the lionfish catch of the day

Rafael A. Flores Jr.

Rafael A. Flores, Jr. is a part of creating a foundation dedicated to the removal of invasive Lionfish while protecting the reef and native fish and fauna.

  • Demane Scarlett & Roger J. Muller, Jr lionfish hunting

Demane Scarlett

Demane Scarlett is a scuba instructor for Sandals South Coast Diving. He is teaching safe diving and helping to reduce the invasive lionfish.

  • Roland Verbeek holding lionfish

Roland Verbeek

Roland Verbeek helps to keep Bonaire as a diver's paradise, by catching all the lionfish they see during their weekly dive. Bonaire is under control, not too many lionfish around, and they hope to keep it like that.

  • Andy Lowe holding 2 lionfish

Andy Lowe

Andy Lowe has been teaching new hunters how to safely hunt lionfish through his non-profit Ennds. He also has been manufacturing a polespear that he designed, the Foldspear, since 2003 and has been providing divers with the best available lionfish hunting equipment through since 2011.

  • Buck Beasely

Buck Beasley

Captain Buck Beasley and his wife Amy put on the First Annual Roatan International Lionfish Tournament benefiting local charities and Marine Park programs. Their efforts helped raise the awareness locally and helped to nearly double the market price of Lionfish in Roatan.

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