Lionfish Friendly Dive Shops

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Dive Shops that are Lionfish Friendly

If you are interested in learning how to become a Certified Lionfish Hunter or just helping with this environmental cause by diving, snorkeling, spearing, netting, or any other way of removing Lionfish from the Ocean, please email me, Roger J. Muller, Jr., at Below is my list of places to dive for Lionfish and become a Certified Lionfish Spearer-Hunter and includes my friends who are fellow instructors and/or dive shops  in the different countries.

If you do not dive or snorkel  and want to educate yourself about Lionfish when you are online or traveling to the following countries, here are my Lionfish educator contacts and friends.

  • S.E. Aruba Fly 'n Dive


S.E. Aruba Fly 'n Dive

  • Aruba Liionfish Hunting Dick deBruin


Aruba Lionfish Hunting - Dick de Bruin

  • Tobacco Caye Marine Station


Tobacco Caye Marine Station



Bonaire National Marine Park

  • NIUHI Dive Charters


Nuihi Charters: Gulf Lionfish Coalition Captain Andy Ross: PADI:



Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

  • Coast Watch Alliance


Coast Watch Alliance - Brian Asher

  • Florida Keys Dive Center


Florida Keys Dive Shop: PADI: Platinum Course Director Steve Witmer

  • Islamorada Dive Center


Islamorada Dive Center: PADI: Eric Billups

  • Off Duty Dive Charters


Off Duty Dive Charters Captain Dan Pylate

  • Sweet Bottoms

St. Croix

Sweet Bottom  Divers - Marriott: PADI: Tim Linse

  • CORE

St. Croix – St. John

(CORE) - Caribbean Oceanic Restoration & Education Foundation - Wess Tester: Dive Coordinator

Lionfish Friendly Dive Shop Interviews and Reviews

  • aruba fly n' dive

Aruba Fly ‘n Dive Scuba Shop Review

This January into February I was in Aruba and dove with my friends at Aruba Fly ‘n Dive. As a Lionfish hunter it is important for me to find shops that allow me and other divers to hunt with our spears.

  • Eric Bottema & Roger J. Muller, Jr.

Lionfish Hunting and Diving with JADS Scuba Shop

As a Lionfish University Reporter and Lionfish hunter, I travel the world trying to help remove Lionfish and to help improve the underwater environment. In the middle of January 2021 I was able to dive on the JADS scuba shops boat.

Lionfish Hunting Charters

Become a certified Lionfish Hunter. Contact these Lionfish Hunting Instructors.

Lionfish University
Off Duty Dive Charters
NIUHI Dive Charters
Dive Tech
Ocean Frontiers
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