Lionfish Safety

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Handling Venomous Lionfish Safely

Handling lionfish in the water after you have speared them or when you are cleaning them before cooking can be a dangerous task. Their venomous spines can lead to severe pain and blisters. There are tools and safety tips to help you stay safe when handling lionfish.

Lionfish have 18 venomous spines, 13 of which are in front of the dorsal fin on the top of the lionfish. There is 1 spine on each side in the pelvic fin and 3 spines in the anal fin.

  • Rafael Flores and Roger Muller hunting for ;lionfish in Aruba

Lionfish Spears, Zookeepers & Stings

Roger J. Muller, Jr., and Rafael Flores, Jr. discuss different types of Lionfish spears, Zookeepers and Lionfish stings in Part 2 of this Lionfish Information Series.

  • Lionfish Safety Tips

Lionfish Hunting Safety Tips: Part 1

Lionfish University shares information and resources relating to the infestation of this invasive species. Their goal is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining these fragile ecosystems in the global community.

  • Lionfish on boat

Lionfish Stings

Lionfish can be dangerous to encounter with their venomous spines, which can lead to severe pain, blistering and even paralysis.

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