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Lionfish are Destroying the Underwater Marine World

  • Lionfish venomous versus poisonous

Lionfish Venom and Spine Anatomy

Dr. Galloway explains the difference between venomous and poisonous. She goes over lionfish anatomy in detail and how you get stung.

  • photo-collage

The Silver Lining to the Lionfish Invasion

Like so many disasters there is a silver lining to the lionfish invasion. One of which is the great group of characters who have come together to fight what is arguably one of the worst marine disasters in history.

  • Family with their lionfish catch

Year End Review for Lionfish University

A year-end lionfish report on the dive shopkeepers I’ve interviewed, as well as the locations I have lionfish hunted and educated about the lionfish invasion in 2019.

  • Dangerous lionfish taming

Dangerous Lionfish Taming in Aruba

Roger J. Muller, Jr. of Hoboken, NJ and Norman Arends of Aruba Scuba Safari, are taming a Lionfish underwater in Aruba. Inexperienced divers should NOT try this.

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Lionfish Articles of Interest

Dustup Over Lionfish Science Fair Project
A former graduate student says he feels slighted by a failure to attribute his contributions to a line of research regarding the salinity tolerances of an invasive species.

Why Florida is waging war on lionfish
Florida is overrun with lionfish and the Sunshine State is trying to eat its way out of the invasion.

What are the characteristics of lionfish and other fishes that influence their association in diurnal refuges?
In Caribbean reefs, the lionfish Pterois volitans is an invasive species that causes severe negative ecological effects, especially as this crepuscular predator consumes very diverse prey.

Under The Surf Turf War: Watch Male Lionfish Duke It Out
There’s nothing romantic about this cheek to cheek dance between two large male lionfish.

Invasive lionfish
When organisms establish new, enduring populations in locations outside their native ranges, they are called invasive species.

Conserving our Coral Reefs on Earth Day and Lionfish Awareness
St Croix is blessed with the largest living reef of any Caribbean island and the second longest barrier reef in the Caribbean.

Lionfish War: Who is Winning?
Lionfish: A joy to see in their native waters of the Indo-Pacific, a terror in the waters of the Caribbean.

The Lionfish problems, and potential solutions, for the Caribbean Virgin Islands
The Virgin Islands are being invaded by the non-native Indo Pacific Lionfish which is a small, beautiful but ferocious predator which was introduced to the area from being accidentally released into the Atlantic.

A Regional Approach Fighting the Invasive Lionfish (PDF)
Since its first sighting in the Caribbean in the1990s, regional leaders have developed a number of programs to combat the impact of the beautiful but dreaded Invasive Lionfish, scientifically known as Pterois volitans and Pterois miles.

Listen to the Lionfish: What Invasive Species Are Trying to Tell Us
What killer pythons, walking snakeheads, carnivorous snails, and the superpredator from the reef fortell.

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