Scuba Diving for Lionfish with Nature Island Dive in Dominica

A Thrilling Adventure: Two Dives to Protect Dominica’s Waters

Roger J. Muller Jr.’s passion for fishing and marine conservation led him to the stunning island of Dominica, known for its lush landscapes and vibrant marine life. His mission was clear: to help control the invasive Lionfish population threatening the local ecosystem. Partnering with Divemaster Kimmie Williams, from Nature Island Dive, Roger embarked on two exhilarating dives that would leave a lasting impact.

The First Dive: Atlantic Ocean Expedition

The day began with anticipation as Roger and Kimmie prepared their gear. The location for the first dive was the Atlantic Ocean, a place known for its rich biodiversity and problematic lionfish. These invasive species, originally from the Indo-Pacific region, have been wreaking havoc in the Caribbean waters, preying on native fish and disrupting the ecological balance.

As they descended into the depths, the underwater world opened up with its mesmerizing beauty. Coral reefs teemed with life, and schools of fish darted around, unaware of the lurking threat. With practiced precision, Roger and Kimmie scoured the reefs, their eyes sharp for any sign of the Lionfish. The hunt was successful; Roger speared 21 Lionfish, each one a step towards restoring the balance of the reef.

The Second Dive: Caribbean Ocean Mission

After a brief respite, the duo set out for their second dive in the Caribbean Sea. The waters here were equally enchanting, offering a different palette of marine life and underwater scenery. The Caribbean reefs’ vibrant corals and diverse fish species are vital to Dominica’s natural heritage.

Once again, Roger and Kimmie worked in unison, and their expertise and dedication were evident in their every move. The Lionfish, though beautiful with their striking appearance, were no match for the determined divers. By the end of the dive, Roger had speared another 17 Lionfish, bringing his total for the day to an impressive 38.

The Guardians of Dominica: Nature Island Dive

Nature Island Dive, the esteemed dive operation where Roger and Kimmie teamed up, is owned by Simon and Wendy Walsh. Their commitment to marine conservation and providing unforgettable diving experiences has earned them a stellar reputation. Based in the picturesque village of Soufriere, Nature Island Dive offers a range of diving adventures, from exploring coral gardens to thrilling encounters with marine life.

Simon and Wendy Walsh have been at the forefront of efforts to protect Dominica’s marine ecosystems. Their dedication is reflected in their support for initiatives like the Lionfish hunts, which help control the invasive population and raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine biodiversity.


Roger J. Muller Jr.’s two dives with Nature Island Dive and Divemaster Kimmie were more than just a thrilling adventure; they significantly contributed to the conservation efforts in Dominica’s waters. By removing 38 invasive Lionfish, Roger played a crucial role in protecting the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. The partnership with Nature Island Dive, under the stewardship of Simon and Wendy Walsh, highlights the power of collaboration in safeguarding our planet’s natural treasure.

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