Lionfish Cooking

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Ways to Prepare and Cook Lionfish

Lionfish are delicious and we need to eat them to beat them. Even though lionfish spines are venomous, the fish are safe to eat. There are plenty of ways to prepare lionfish; baked, broiled, fried, poached, grilled, seared or blackened.

Learn about safely handling lionfish in the water and cleaning them for cooking.

  • Filleting lionfish

Are Lionfish Edible?

What are lionfish? Learn about the species and how to go about hunting them in NJ and internationally.

  • Lionfish Platter from The Lionfish Snack Aruba

What Does Lionfish Taste Like?

Mark Moyse gives us a review of a Lionfish Platter from Lionfish Snack Aruba. The lionfish was one caught the previous day.

  • Filleting lionfish

Filleting Lionfish at Gostoso Restaurant in Aruba

Filleting Lionfish at Gostoso Restaurant in Aruba Roger J. Muller, Jr. (International lionfish hunter) filleting lionfish with Alex Fogg (marine biologist) and Abigail Vrolijk (Lionator Spear, head Caribbean sales).

  • Eating Lionfish

Eat Them To Beat Them

In this video, Roger J. Muller, Jr., reporter for Lionfish University interviewed recent Penn State Graduate Hana Alverina about the taste of Lionfish.

  • Steff Mcdermot

Environmentalist’s Favorite Lionfish Recipe

Lionfish University field reporter Roger J. Muller, Jr., asks Steff what her favorite Lionfish recipe is. Steff, who works in a Grand Cayman restaurant, gives up her secret Lionfish recipe.

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Articles About Eating Lionfish

Off the reef and on the menu: fishers in the Caribbean wage war on the invasive lionfish
In Venezuela, tourists and fishing communities are being encouraged to catch and eat the lionfish before it wipes out other species

The Lionfish Have Invaded, But a Ragtag Army of Divers and Chefs Are Fighting Back
Those waging the war against this devastating wave of the venomous species have taken on an ‘eat ‘em to beat ‘em’ approach.

Miami Restaurants Dishing Out A Solution To The Lionfish Invasion
Lionfish have been devastating Florida’s aquatic ecosystem as uninterrupted predators of native species. But now Miami chefs are turning the tables, putting these invasive fish on their menus.

Florida chefs turn lionfish from foe to dinner favorite
Local chefs are working to turn this predator into a delicacy, serving it up in restaurants across the state.

Eat The Enemy: 3 Ways To Cook Lionfish, The New King Of The Underwater Jungle
This story is part of “Eat The Enemy,” a HuffPost series on edible invasive species, non-native plants and animals you can help contain from the comfort of your dinner table.

“Eat the Enemy”and Enjoy Lionfish This Summer
Anchored down in the middle of glass-like, sky blue waters off the coast of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, I was finishing up a leftover bite of conch salad as Tricia Ferguson, author of The Lionfish Cookbook, slipped on a wetsuit and prepared for a hunt.

LOCAL CATCH: Trapping and Tasting an Invader
Faced with a lionfish invasion, some researchers, divers and restaurant owners from Carteret County decided to fight — and bite — back.

Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em
Divers hunt them, conservation organizations host fishing competitions, and lobster fishermen trap them. But we can all help lessen their impact by eating them!

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Lionfish Recipes

Lionfish “Escabeche”

Lionfish Recipes Submitted by Local Divers
Fried Bahamian Style, Tempura Lionfish, Seared Greek Style, Fluffy Battered Lionfish, Bahamian Fish Fry, and more.

Pan Seared Lion Fish Recipe

Recipes from “The Lionfish Cookbook”
Cut off the venomous spines, and lionfish go from malicious to delicious.

Our Favorite Lionfish Recipes

Slay Your Hunger with These Tasty Lionfish Recipes
Here’s something you don’t hear too often: Eat a fish, save a reef. The fish in question is the invasive lionfish.

Tukka’s Thai Lionfish Fish Cakes

Lionfish Recipes

Cleaning Lionfish and Lionfish Recipes
From Filet to Entrée!

Invasive and Delicious: Lionfish in Costa Rica (recipe)
According to Fabio Mena from online news daily Costa Rica Hoy, the Ministry of Energy and the Environment (Spanish acronym: MINAE) is ready to launch a culinary campaign to help eradicate this invasive species.

Butter Baked Lionfish with Fresh Vegetables

How to Cook Lionfish
The lionfish is light, tender, and flaky, with a texture similar to butterfish.

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