Eat Them To Beat Them

In this video, Roger J. Muller, Jr. , reporter for Lionfish University interviewed recent Penn State Graduate Hana Alverina about the taste of Lionfish. This was the first time she ever ate Lionfish and explained the taste like Sea Bass. She enjoyed the white meat as did my daughter Taylor, wife Andrea and friends Tim and Mary Beatty from Arlington, Virginia.

Eating Lionfish

The fish was cooked tempura style, which is my favorite and was very light and tasty. No oily or fishy taste and everyone enjoyed themselves. We ate around 28 Lionfish and felt good that Taylor and I speared them and then ate them. If more people did this it would help the underwater environment a lot. Lionfish are an invasive species and do not belong in the waters of Jamaica or the Caribbean or Atlantic Oceans. For more information about Lionfish, go to or browse this website.

Lionfish University

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