Lionfish are Mutating and Growing New Venomous Spines

International Lionfish Hunter and Professional PADI Scuba Instructor Roger J. Muller Jr. and Remi with Cabrits Dive Center made a discovery that Lionfish in Dominica are mutating and growing extra spines. When diving there were no small fish anywhere which is a direct result of the lionfish eating all the fish. Once the small fish are gone, there will be no more food for the larger fish to eat.

This new spine is in a bad spot because it is hidden by the tail which makes it easy to get stung since most Lionfish Hunters think that is a safe area to grab the lionfish. The stinger is the clear spine coming out over the tail. Remi found this while cleaning the lionfish after our dive. Muller caught over 300 lionfish in Dominica which is very unheard of. There are a lot of Lionfish in Dominica.

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