Teaching Others About Lionfish in Aruba

If you want to see a funny video check this out. Michael who was from Buffalo was walking past Roger’s beachfront unit in Aruba and saw Roger holding a Lionfish. He became very excited to ask what the fish was and then jumped into the story of how the Lionfish was speared. Michael was a cool character and is ready for the Lionfish hunting reality show that is being created soon!

The video started when I got back from Lionfish hunting and had a bunch of freshly speared Lionfish. People were asking questions about how I got them and can you eat them and then Michael came by with a group of 8 people who were all from a singles group trip that originated out of Buffalo, New York. We had so much fun learning about Lionfish and also speaking about how the Buffalo Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in a playoff game. It was very unfair what happened to Buffalo.

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