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Popular Things To Do Around Aruba

Aruba is a small country that is located right above Venezuela in South America. It is part of the ABC Islands. Almost every day of the year is sunny and the average temperature is 85 degrees. Aruba has pristine, clean beaches, with calming aquamarine warm water. They have beautiful hotels, tons of fantastic restaurants. If you love water sports and the outdoors, Aruba is for you! They  have great scuba diving including Lionfish hunting, snorkeling, sail boating, water skiing, parasailing, fishing and more! If you like to have an adventurous day you can rent an ATV and get a tour of the island. If you like nature you can bird watch or go horse back riding on the other side of the island which is not developed at all. I love Aruba! It is my second home and one of my favorite things about the island is the people. They are wonderful, caring and hard working. Many of them have become my lifetime friends. 

Aruba Tourist Channel

Scuba Diving Aruba

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Lionfish Friendly Dive Shops

S.E. Aruba Fly 'n Dive
JADS Dive Center
Pure Diving Aruba

Aruba Friends

Aruba Friends

Around Aruba

Aruba sunset with sailboat

Videos From Around Aruba

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