Aruba Lionfish Hunter Lukas Moorhead Interview interviewed PADI Divemaster Lukas Moorhead on January 30, 2022. we learned how he got started lionfish hunting in Aruba and some of his tips about lionfish hunting. See the huge lionfish he caught with an unusual pattern on it. We called it the Inca lionfish. See the lionfish beard on this large fish. The beard is hard, so try not to spear the lionfish on the bearded area or the spear will bounce off. Irwin Huerta, the owner of Aruba Fly & Dive, provided the dive boat. Roger has been diving with them since 2001. Irwin explains why we hunt lionfish and how the reefs are since people have been removing lionfish from the reefs in Aruba. Visit Aruba Fly N Dive at:

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