Lionfish Hunting Southeast Aruba with Aruba Fly n’ Dive

On January 20, 2022 Roger Muller, Jr and Perry Megens from Aruba Fly n’ Dive, made three dives on the Southeast side of Aruba. Indian Head, Seabird 2 & Commandeurs Bay. These are areas that people do not normally dive. You need to be an advanced diver since the currents are much stronger. The deepest they dove was 80 feet.

Dive 1 was Indian Head on the Southeast coast of Aruba. It is a large formation that looks like a head. Giant coral heads can be found on the sea floor.

Dive 2 was Seabird 2 which is in front of the old oil refinery in San Nicholas.

The 3rd dive was Commandeurs Bay. This location has formations of sheet and leaf coral mixed with sea fans and sea plumes.

They speared 17 lionfish in total that day. In comparison, Roger had speared 26 lionfish last year on January 29, 2021 by himself on two dives. The reef looks to be in good condition, much better than the other side where the hotels are located.

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