Salty Endeavors Scuba Shop & Boat Dives Cozumel, Mexico

In April, I had to go to Cozumel to finish up some Scuba School International instructor courses with the owner of Salty Endeavors scuba shop, Henry Schultz. Henry is an SSI instructor trainer and a really good one. What a nice guy! I had been dealing with him doing SSI courses online for the past three years and finally got to meet him in person and work with him. In this video, you will see his boat crew and they were really nice also. The water is crystal clear in Cozumel and it is pretty warm also in April. Unfortunately for me, I left my Zookeeper’s home and had to carry my Lionfish on my spear. I introduced Henry and his shop to and He was happy to pose for photos with both flags and will help us spread the word about Lionfish!

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