Lukas Moorhead

Lukas Moorhead with lionfish catch of the day

Title: PADI Divemaster for Aruba Fly & Dive.

Past: ALFI Foundation Secretary, Director of Dive Operations. Aruba Reef Rangers. hunter.

Association, Company, Affiliations: Past manager at Aruba Bob Snorkel & Scuba, PADI, member.

Location: Aruba

Your favorite quote: “You can get everything you want if you only help enough other people get what they want.” —Zig Ziglar

Your message or mission statement: I believe you can make a difference in your corner of the world if you take positive action. I am very grateful that my passion for scuba diving has helped me become a lionfish hunter who has removed over 3000 lionfish. During the past five years, I have loved helping the underwater environment in Aruba by spearing lionfish! I know it’s important to kill them to save the smaller tropical fish.

I love diving for lionfish with my girlfriend, Gia, who I need to mention is also a great lionfish hunter.

Recently I got to dive with Roger J Muller Jr, the international lionfish hunter and we killed over 20 fish each day we dove in 2022. Roger is also the owner and founder of, located in Hoboken, NJ. He awarded me with my own flag as well as a Lionfish University flag.

Besides being a full-time lionfish hunter, I own Maples Property Management. We manage properties in Aruba including houses and condos. (+297-564-9569)

I was born in Canada but have spent most of my life in Aruba. My mom is from Curacao.

I have 2 beautiful children! My management business is named Maples in homage to my Canadian heritage.

It is true that you can get everything you want by helping others! What started out as a hobby of scuba diving grew into protecting Aruba’s reef. Protecting Aruba’s reef then grew into more experience and knowledge of scuba diving which changed the course of my career and my life. I am glad I took the initiative to volunteer with ALFI Foundation and grateful for their managed diving system and guidance that gave me so much dive experience. I am now able to do the same for others as an ALFI Reef Ranger, ALFI Certification Instructor and soon to be a PADI Dive Instructor.

Anything else you’d like us to know? I look forward to diving with you at Aruba Fly & Dive. You will be more likely to see me under the sea than anywhere else!

Fight the Invasion!
Dive With a Mission!
Eat Them to Beat Them!

Lukas Moorhead holding huge lionfish in Aruba
Lukas Moorhead holding a huge lionfish
Group of divers holding lionfish in Aruba
Lukas Moorhead and Roger J. Muller, Jr. with lionfish catch of the day
Lukas Moorhead and friends in Aruba
Lukas Moorhead with lionfish university in Aruba
Lukas Moorhead holding lionfish with Roger J. Muller, Jr.
Lukas Moorhead and Roger J. Muller, Jr.
Group of scuba divers in Aruba

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