Lionfish Spearing in Aruba

Last year in February I was diving with my buddy Dr. Mike Kelly and his triplets Mariana, Mike and Mckenzie for Lionfish. I just found out how the Green Moray eel ate my Lionfish. Mckenzie did a great job filming under pressure and you can see Mariana was getting excited about the eel moving towards where I was trying to navigate an eel that was between the coral and rocks stuck!

I have never seen a Moray Eel eat a Lionfish that was not speared so everyone knows. You can see from this video that I had no idea that the eel was hunting behind me. You can see if come from the right side of the video and then make its way through the coral and then steal my Lionfish!!!

The eel smelled the blood from my speared Lionfish and made its move! This actually scared me since I do not like eel encounters. They remind me of snakes!

Has anyone else had encounters like this?

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