Lionfish Hunting Locations

Lionfish Hunting Locations2020-03-12T08:31:14-04:00

Dive Shops and Locations to Hunt Lionfish

Lionfish Invasion MapIf you are interested in learning how to become a Certified Lionfish Hunter or just helping with this environmental cause by diving, snorkeling, spearing, netting, or any other way of removing Lionfish from the Ocean, please email me, Roger J. Muller, Jr., at Below is my list of places to dive for Lionfish and become a Certified Lionfish Spearer-Hunter and includes my friends who are fellow instructors and/or dive shops  in the different countries.

If you do not dive or snorkel  and want to educate yourself about Lionfish when you are online or traveling to the following countries, here are my Lionfish educator contacts and friends.

Lionfish Tournaments

Get involved with lionfish removal by attending one of the following derbies or events.

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Sponsored by Muller Insurance