Lisette Keus

Lisette Keus holding lionfish

Title: Lionfish Lisette ;)
Association, Company, Affiliations: Lionfish Caribbean

Your favorite quote: “If you’re young and you’re not idealistic, you don’t have a heart. If you’re old and still idealistic, you don’t have a brain”
I am of middle age ;)

Your message or mission statement: We will never get rid of Lionfish, but we can use the fish as a substitute for other fish on our plates. So leave the snappers, groupers and other fish on the reef and eat Lionfish. Then we can suppress the population of Lionfish and the other fish species can maybe catch their breath a bit and regrow population.

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: In March our island Curacao closed its borders for tourists . Many dive instructors lost their job and I
managed to unite them, made a deal with a supermarket and together we were able to supply the supermarket. This way instructors could make some money and the people were able to get to know the fish a bit better and Lionfish were caught a lot.

The next endeavor is still a secret. Ask me in a few weeks again. It has something to do with Lionfish and eating them…

What efforts are you most proud of? The fact that I am able to make a living for 100% out of Lionfish. By catching them, making the jewelry,
teaching people, organizing events and more.

Also, I am really proud to be one of the 24 stories in the book Be A Wavemaker. Especially considering the other 23 people in there, I am super honored and proud to be one of them.

And of course I am really proud to be one of the characters in the comic book The Great Caribbean Lionfish Escape made by Dominique Serafini.

Anything else you’d like us to know? Did you know you can eat the breast of Lionfish? The meat looks even a bit like chicken and it is delicious.

Lisette Keus hunting lionfish
Lionfish Caribbean jewelry
Be a Wave Maker book
illustration from Be a Wave Maker book
Lisette Keus
Lisette Keus