Lionfish Hunting and Removal in Jamaica 2017

Lionfish in Jamaica has become a major problem. Their numbers have increased and especially in Jamaica as Divemaster Roger J Muller, Jr. of Muller Insurance in Hoboken, NJ has noticed in the past few years. If we don’t keep on removing these predators, the ocean will be a real lonely place without fish. The reefs in Jamaica were making a come back the last 7 years after fishmen dragged their cages over the coral reef. The government of Jamaica has made the South Coast a do not kill zone and it was been helping a lot.

The only problem is that in Jamaica as the reef is trying to make it come back from so much damage from fishermen and storms, the new issue is the Lionfish, who are removing all the small fish from the reefs.

No small fish to eat the algae off the reef, no reef again because it will get smothered by algae and grass and die.

Please join me in spreading the Lionfish awareness by sharing this video. Note that Lionfish are great eating but are venomous. Stay away from the spines when you are cleaning them. They are on the top and bottom of the fish. I intend to add a video showing the locations of the spines on a You Tube soon.

Help the environment and spread the word about how Lionfish is killing the Caribbean underwater world before it is too late.

Thanks, Roger

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