Interview with Rafael A. Flores Jr. Secretary of the Caribbean Lionfish Alliance aka CLA

Riu Hotel Aruba – On Feb 9th, 2021 I was able to interview my close friend and Lionfish hunting buddy Rafael Flores Jr.. Rafael is the Secretary of the Caribbean Lionfish Alliance that was created in 2020 by some of my Lionfish hunting friends such as Erik and Anita Nujhuis , Martin Sandy, Michiel Van Velzen and other Lionfish hunters.

I am excited to help get information about this new environmental group out to the Lionfish University readers and the general public. These divers really care about cleaning up the waters in Aruba and are really hard workers. Most of the members are shore divers and as we know shore diving in Aruba is really hard. Most days it would be considered extreme diving because for many areas you need to jump off a cliff! The exit can be really hard as well and a few times I was so tired from the currents and dive that  I rolled in with the waves over rock bottom! I give these guys and girls plenty of credit for helping to remove Lionfish from the waters around Aruba.

There is a link to their Facebook page:

Join them, support them and help Aruba save its small tropical fish and reefs!

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