Wreck Diving for Lionfish in Aruba with a Lionator Spear

Lionator Pole Spear Pro Version 01-18-21 – I decided to write a quick review about my new 29 inch Lionator spear that I bought from my friend Walt Deelman.  Recently I made a bunch of dives in the end of November into December in Aruba and while using a Lionator and have been on a streak of killing 99 Lionfish out of 104 shots. This is a very good percentage! The Lionator is not too long and not too heavy. It is easy to carry on dives and it is safe to work with underwater. It is easy to pack in your suitcase and the spear tip detaches from the spear. It is excellent for travel since it is so light weight.

It is now January 2021 and I have made another four dives hunting Lionfish and have speared another 19 Lionfish using my Lionator Pro Version I love the accuracy of the spear and can get nice and close for head shots. The spear is not too long where you get caught up on rocks for branching corals. We all know that you are not supposed to touch the coral!

I am definitely sold on using a Lionator and you can find more about the spears at  http://www.lionatorpolespears.com/  If​ you are going to do a lot of Lionfish hunting I recommend that you order and bring some extra bands for your Lionator to play it safe.

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