Viktor Popov

Viktor Popov holding lionfish

Title: Fishing Guide

Association, Company, Affiliations: VIKTOR POPOVs EAT and TRAVEL – Travel The World, Spearfishing & Sailing, Snowboarding & Hunting. Alaska Adventurers. Catamaran Trips 973-687-5284, Florida fishing and scuba diving

Your message or mission statement: While scuba diving our goal is to clean up the reef from garbage, plastics and Lionfish.

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: While Diving in Bahamas and collecting lionfish, we saw the biggest Hammerhead shark ever. It had to be 12-14 ft long. It felt like a solar eclipse.

What efforts are you most proud of? I organize trips to Alaska, Florida Keys and the Bahamas. I make unforgettable memories for my customers, who later become friends.

You can find Viktor on YouTube.

Lionfish in Zookeeper
Lionfish on table
Cooler full of lionfish
Holding a lionfish
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