Sully Sandchez

Sully Sandchez lionfish hunting

Association, Company, Affiliations: Taino Divers, Rincon Puerto Rico

Your favorite quote: Love today as of tomorrow is coming !!!!

Your message or mission statement: We have one 🌏 Plant. Let’s all do our part to keep it clean, let’s encourage others to do the same

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: You can catch me most days in the water or under the water. Avid diver and Free Diver. Currently have a Dive Master certification.

Sully Sandchez spear fishing
Sully Sandchez

What efforts are you most proud of? I’m proud of the life I have built which enabled me to retire to this amazing island. It affords me the opportunity to dive anytime I want. We have some amazing dive locations around this island.

Anything else you’d like us to know? Retired and living in Puerto Rico. Spend a lot of time scuba diving and Free Diving / spear fishing. I always take advantage of the opportunity to slay lionfish.

Sully Sandchez on boat
Sully Sandchez wahoo slayer
Sully Sandchez diving
Sully Sandchez diving
Sully Sandchez talking on cell phone
Sully Sandchez diving

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