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Sara Newton hunting lionfish

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Your message or mission statement: I’m Sara Newton, my highest dive level is Master Diver, which I obtained in late 2021. My next goals are Dive master then Instructor. I also carry the advanced rescue certification through Naui and self reliant diver through PADI. I found this to be important when Spearfishing! Yes, you should always have a dive buddy, but I found so often when Spearfishing things get busy and you really aren’t paying as much attention to your buddy, but more the fish, so my 17 cf pony bottle “JESUS” is my newest side kick!

I love the water. I grew up at Lake of the Ozarks Missouri swimming every chance I could. I dove on my very first vacation in Cozumel Mexico when I was about 20, from that moment I was hooked! I didn’t have the opportunity to dive much until the Air Force re-located us here to the emerald coast in 2019.

My 13-year-old son completed his open water certification in 2020. I started Spearfishing I’m 2020 and I immediately fell in love with learning about fish recognition and hunting skills. I personally prefer a simple 5 ft Hawaiian sling pole spear for hunting Lionfish. I used to clip the spines right after I speared them and strung them as I went but now, I’d just rather use the zookeeper.

On a good day I find lobster!  My favorite treat is finding an anchor and chain and using a lift bag to bring up those goodies.

I have landed some whoppers; my personal record is 17.5 inches and 38 harvested from one wreck in two consecutive dives. (I had to come up because my zookeeper was jammed packed with almost 30)

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: I have started researching the Lionfish species and it is my absolute favorite fish to educate others about. It is also my most favorite fish to eat. My most recent hobby is learning to make Lionfish jewelry and accessories. I’m saving the fins to use for jewelry which will include pendants, earrings and bracelets and I will make pens too that can house the lionfish spines. Can you tell I’m a little passionate about Lionfish 🧜‍♀️💕 🤣 My goal for 2022 is to become the record holder for biggest Lionfish harvested from the Gulf of Mexico!!! In 2021 I started a website: to help educate and spread awareness about this invasive species! Come check it out!

Sara Newton holding a lionfish
Sara Newton and her lionfish catch
Sara Newton and her lionfish catch of the day
Sara Newton holding flag

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