Robert Renfrow

Robert Renfrow holding a lionfish

Title: Retired Guy

Association, Company, Affiliations: Active Duty Outdoors (YouTube content creator)

Location: Navarre, Florida

Your favorite quote: I’m your Huckleberry

Your message or mission statement: To educate as many people as I can on the importance of our underwater environment and the biodiversity that requires it to remain healthy to survive, thus giving humanity a better chance at survival.

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: Diving on artificial reefs along the gulf coast.

What efforts are you most proud of? Removing my first Lionfish after years of studying them. I was able to bring my GoPro along and create videos for the world to see. Hopefully, one day the world will see and realize the importance of removing all the Lionfish we can.

Anything else you’d like us to know? Here is the link to my Lionfish hunt with narration.

Spearing Lionfish: The ULTIMATE guide to spearing and handling these venomous invaders!

Robert Renfrow holding a lionfish

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