Kelsey Muller

Kelsey M. Muller holding a lionfish

What was it like to Lionfish hunt for your first time? It was amazing to track the Lionfish. I would be so excited once I finally found one or two under an overhang or in crevice of a rock. Once I finally saw the Lionfish, I would line my spear up with its head, pull back the sling, and bam! I would hear the satisfying thud of killing the Lionfish.

How did you feel after your first kill? I felt proud that I was so successful my first time! I know sometimes divers go back empty handed, so I was happy to bring some back to cook for dinner!

What kind of diving is your favorite after hunting Lionfish? I love wreck diving! It is incredible to explore old ships and see all of the different compartments and features.

What is the name of the Lionfish course you took in Jamaica? PADI-Invasive Lionfish Tracker

Kelsey M. Muller and Roger J. Muller, Jr. holding a lionfish
Kelsey M. Muller for lionfish university

How do you think you helped the environment by taking the Lionfish course and actually killing Lionfish? Removing invasive species is very beneficial to the environment. Lionfish kill large amounts of fish, reproduce very quickly and have no known predators. As a result it is our responsibility to remove them from environments that they don’t belong before they cause devastating damage to the environment.

Would you recommend Lionfish hunting to others and why? Yes! Lionfish hunting is not only fun it helps the environment! Once you try it you’ll be hooked!

Kelsey M. Muller and Roger J. Muller, Jr holding lionfish

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