David Skinner

David Skinner lionfish hunting

Title: I hunger for Lionfish!

Association, Company, Affiliations: Gulf Coast Scuba Houston, TX, SSI Master Diver/SCR/CCR diver

Location: Peyton, CO

Your favorite quote: Have Lionfish I will travel!!!!

Your message or mission statement: I love to dive and always up for a new adventure! It is even better if I am able to Lionfish hunt wherever I may be.

Your latest endeavors and where they take place: Lionfish hunting in Bonaire. But, was not able to have someone to dive with to hunt everyday!

What efforts are you most proud of? Being a US Marine Corps Vet and diving all these years and making of friends along the journey!

David Skinner lionfish hunting
David Skinner lionfish hunting
Lionfish catch of the day on table

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