Charles Painter

Charles Painter with flag

Title: Divemaster

Association, Company, Affiliations: Shark Quest Dive Shop

Location: Pensacola, FL

Your favorite quote: No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I am going to make it. – Les Brown

Your message or mission statement: Live life to its fullest, even when the chips may appear to be down. Create as many memories as you can with the ones you love, some of my favorite memories didn’t cost a dime. Live with no regrets. Don’t hang around people who bring you down in front of or behind you or those who spread gossip.

Your latest endeavors and where they take place:
Fun wise: Spend this past weekend exploring New Orleans with my bride. We enjoyed the Audubon Zoo and also Louisiana Swamp Tour to check out the gators. (We both love animals of all kinds).
Business Wise: I am currently studying for my Real Estate Exam to be a realtor, so I can help people to get their dream home.
Also, working on my Dive Instructor, so I can share my passion of the water and sharks.

What efforts are you most proud of? I am definitely proud of my Diving Accomplishments (Divemaster and Poseidon Rebreather Diver)! I am proud to teach others about silver and gold investments, as well as others. I am most proud of all the changes I have personally made in the last year.

Anything else you’d like us to know? I put my heart into everything I do. I do everything with good intentions. We are all not perfect, but we all can have the right heart and mindset to do better.

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